Poor little P: She was a one and only with a Brother and a Sister and a Doctor and a Lawyer and a Daddy and a Mommy and a Mommy and a Mommy and a Problem that began before she was born. P was conceived, so to speak, in the non-S way (no touching please, we're Evolved) by the Daddy and the Doctor and the Lawyer and another lady who was not the Mommy married to the Daddy. And she was designed to be Perfect. Therein lies the Problem and the Plight that plagues little P from start to finish as she searches for her true roots in PERFECT: another likely story.
This animated fable engages the foibles of inherent desire entwined with genetics and the consequences of reproductive engineering. Adapted from Lois Gould's short story PERFECT, and designed & directed by Robert Wurzburg, the film turns the authors signature wit and irony to the questions that few wish to explore as we rush headlong into this experiment to "perfect" the human race.

  Perfect Bedside Perfect Night Walk
The English language voice over is by Lois Gould.

English, French, and Spanish versions $29.95 plus postage: order here.

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